Domain Fixed Value Append

ABAP Enhancement Framework allow you to add more domain fixed value in any standard or custom domain. This concept is part of new enhancement framework SAP Netweaver 7.0

In this example we will learn to add fixed value in table VBUK-LFSTK with domain STATV, we will add 1 new fixed value into this domain, for example : D Shipped.

Follow these step to add new domain fixed value.

  1. Display STATV Domain in Data dictionary ( SE11 tcode ).
  2. Navigate to menu Go to -> Fixed Value Apped.


  1. When there are no custom fixed value append, SAP System ask the Append name of  your new fixed value.


  1. The new screen will be displayed, you need to input the short description, and your new domain fixed value then Activate after you finish.


  1. When you activate The Fixed Value Append, the new value will appear with highlighted blue color.



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