ABAP Provides many built-in math functions, so you can develop advanced mathematic calculation using ABAP Math functions.  These are ABAP Math functions.

  1. abs  : calculate absolute value.
  2. sign : Determines the sign of the provided values.
  3. ceil : Rounding up the provided values.
  4. floor : Rounding down the provided values.
  5. trunc : Return integer part of the argument.
  6. frac : Return the fractional part of the argument.
  7. cos, sin, tan : Calculate trigonometric functions.
  8. acos, asin, atan : Calculate the inverse trigonometric function
  9. cosh, sinh, tanh : Calculate the hyperbolic trigonometric function.
  10. exp : Implements the exponential function.
  11. log : Implement the natural logarithm function.
  12. log10 : Calculate logarithm using base 10.
  13. sqrt : Calculate the squares root of number.

Example code below show how to call the math function listed before and including result of program.


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