Add ABAP Code in SAPQuery

You can add ABAP Code in SAP Query report to enhance your report, Open your infoset via tcode SQ02 and click Extras button toolbar. You can choose any event depend on your requirement to add your ABAP Code. These are the explanation for Event in listbox Code Section : DATA Section :        Global Data Declaration […]

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Upload Mass Role Assignment ABAP Program

This is ABAP Program to upload mass role assignment.

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Create Dynamic Table using RTTC ( Runtime Type Creation )

RTTC method is same with RTTI which it is call class CL_ABAP*DESCR but the difference is this method use statement CREATE DATA .. TYPE HANDLE to create variable. For detail explanation you can go to this link . For example we will create one ABAP Program, this program will show table content via ALV.


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Submit SAP Standard Program using Free Selection

In this requirement we need to get data from SAP Standard Program, for this sample we need to get data from SAP Program tcode KE25 ( Program RKEB0601 ). We will submit parameter PERIOD as Period, ARTNR ( Product /Material ) and WERKS ( Plant ), parameter Werks or plant is Free selection so we […]

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How to sort Table Maintenance

Sometimes you need to sort table maintenance before display, this is simple method to do that. 1.Go to SE11 Open your table, go to menu Utilities-> Table Maintenance Generator. 2. Go to Environment -> Modification -> Maintenance Screens 3.Create one module in PBO.

4. Write this ABAP Code in module sort_extract.

Incoming search […]

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