How to sort Table Maintenance

Sometimes you need to sort table maintenance before display, this is simple method to do that. 1.Go to SE11 Open your table, go to menu Utilities-> Table Maintenance Generator. 2. Go to Environment -> Modification -> Maintenance Screens 3.Create one module in PBO.

4. Write this ABAP Code in module sort_extract.

Incoming search […]

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ABAP Program to Upload Routing

How to use BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE We would to share Full ABAP Program to upload Routing using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE . Routing data is located in Excel file. Below is the template from excel file. and you can modify it according to your needs

You can download ABAP Program to upload or download Routing here – > Upload SAP Routing […]

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How to manipulating Search Help using Search Help Exit

In this article we will focus on discussing how to use search help exit and we hope you understand how to make search help. For example we will create search help ZSH_AFNAM, this search help will select data from table let’s say ZTBMM007. this table contain two fields  AFNAM ( Requitioner ) and name of requisitioner. […]

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Enhancing Your ABAP Code – Part 1

There are various reason why ABAP Developments don’t always run correctly, the first category is the errors are caused by the developer’s basic lack of ABAP skills. In this article allowed me to explain some of errors that may be occured. The second category of errors can be characterized that wrong assumptions about the data […]

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