You can add custom screen in project using user exit CNEX0006 ( PS customer specific fields project definition ). First you need to create Project via tcode CMOD, Assuming you already know to use user exit then we can continue how to use user exit CNEX0006 to add custom screen.

This sample we will create custom screen and create ALV into that’s custom screen.

how to add custom screen in cj20n using exit cnex0006

Double click on Screen Exit SAPLCJWB and create screen with subscreen for screen type, then uncomment PBO Module and double click on it to create PBO Module.

Click Layout in Screen Painter and create custom screen on this screen and give ALV for name.

Create subroutine FM_GET_DATA this subroutine contain code to get data for populating ALV later.  this sample we will get MLST data.

Next back to PBO Module and create subroutine FM_WRITE_ALV_REPORT, this subroutine contain ABAP Code to generate ALV Grid.

In ZXCN1TOP, declare all global variable .

Under Subroutine FM_WRITE_ALV_REPORT you need to create several subroutine for ALV Grid ( For ALV Layout, ALV Fieldcatalog, Exclude Function, Sort ALV Data ).


Subroutine Field Catalog.


Subroutine FM_SORT

Ok all ALV Grid code is set, then you need to ZPS0001 via CMOD tcode again, double click on function exit EXIT_SAPLCJWB_002 , you need to add ABAP Code to get data from SAP Standard screen to GW_PROJ global variable.

OK all step is finished, then open CJ20N tcode, next you will see custom tab with your custom screen under project like this picture below.

how to add custom screen in cj20n using exit cnex0006

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