If there are many indexes that contain common fields, the database optimizer cannot decide the right index to be used for particular query and then use a wrong index that may not be of optimal performance. Hints can be provided using the %_HINTS parameter.

You need to create secondary index, please go to tutorial of How to create secondary index . for this example we will use the index ( ZDO ) in table VBAK that we created before.

For creating program containing the SELECT with HINT parameter, you can follow this .

1. SELECT statement with HINT parameter, the addition %_HINTS followed by the database name, the table and the table index name is made to SELECT clause.


This %_HINTS special syntax used for specifying the name of the database index to be used for particular SELECT statement. The syntax checker does not check the index name. Therefore if a wrong index is used the corresponding query will not give syntax error but the result for performance is not achieved.

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