Memory problems could occur when you’re developing ABAP Programs, and you can investigate the memory consumption of the ABAP Program due to the poor performance. In SAP you can create memory snapshot then analyze and compare your ABAP Program memory consumption using Memory Inspector Tool.

How to create memory snapshot for program running in foreground.

Run your program. for example program i will run my ABAP Program ZSD009. and go to menu System->Utilities->Memory Analysis->Create Memory Snapshot.


How to create memory snapshot for program running in background.

If you want to create memory snapshot for your ABAP Program running in background, you can’t use prior options, you must use following method to create memory snapshot, write following ABAP Code below into any point of your ABAP Program.

But be careful when using this method within loops running because this method will create too many files on the server.

How to analyze your memory snapshot

After create memory snapshot, you can go to tcode S_MEMORY_INSPECTOR to analyze it. Double click on any files in File Name part to display memory consumption.


You can compare your memory snapshots, and you can improve the quality of ABAP Program using this method.

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