BAPI_PO_CREATE1 is the function module that is allowed you to create purchase orders, this BAPI use the technology behind the enjoy purchase order transaction ( ME21N).

In this article i would share you the solution when you cannot input net price ( net price always 0 ) when using BAPI_PO_CREATE1 to create Purchase Orders although you have inputted net price.

I have posted how to use this BAPI in another article with ABAP Full source code, you can read it on this link ,

What the solution when you cannot input net price 

I have searched and gather those result, Actually there are two solutions that applicable ( i think ) for this problem.

  • Populate Condition and input your net price into condition value.
  • Input value PO_ITEM-PO_PRICE field with  ‘2’.

I try to implemented those solutions, but still cannot input net price. but at last i found the solution, this is very simple solution. You must populate Invoice Receipt Indicator field ( PO_ITEM-IR_IND ) with ‘X’ value, input PO_ITEMX-IR_IND with ‘X’  and populate NO_PRICE_FROM_PO field with ‘X’ value.

Voila you success create purchase orders with you own net price.

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