ABAP Enhancement – You can create Business Partner using BDT.  BDT allows custom code to be written around in BP by way of simple function modules. The call of the function modules are controlled through customizing.

The relevant functions for BDT customizing can be found using the area menu BUPT.

In this case we have to validate Tax number format when entry Business Partner Data.

1.Run BUPT transaction code to open SAP Area Menu then open menu Business Partner -> Control -> Screen Layout -> Views.


2.Double click on menu Views. in this screen you need to choose View which it is appropriate to your need. for this case we choose view BUTX01 Numbers for Taxes and Reporting, Select it then double click Further Checks.


3. On thats following screen you can select Appl and input the name of function module contain ABAP Code for validation appropriate data.

4.Create function module to write your ABAP Code, in this function module you must use function module especially in BP Area to get data from memory during BP Created or Changed. there are several function module for that purpose.

5.Please check ABAP Code complete for check Tax format during BP Data create or changed.

6. You can see there are function module with prefix BUP_BUPA* . those function module was used to get data BP from memory during Business Partner/ BP Created or Changed.


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