How to get Retroactive Payroll in HR

What is Retroactive Payroll A payroll run is repeated for a period for which payroll has already been performed in the payroll past. Retroactive accounting is triggered during the payroll run for the current period if the certain master and time data affecting the payroll past has been changed in the meantime. Only changes to […]

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ABAP Program to Upload Routing

How to use BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE We would to share Full ABAP Program to upload Routing using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE . Routing data is located in Excel file. Below is the template from excel file. and you can modify it according to your needs

You can download ABAP Program to upload or download Routing here – > Upload SAP Routing […]

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Enhancing Your ABAP Code – Part 1

There are various reason why ABAP Developments don’t always run correctly, the first category is the errors are caused by the developer’s basic lack of ABAP skills. In this article allowed me to explain some of errors that may be occured. The second category of errors can be characterized that wrong assumptions about the data […]

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How to download Excel File With Password Protection

SAP ABAP Tutorial – You can download excel file from SAP System using function module EXCEL_OLE_STANDARD_DAT, this function module will generate excel file contain data from internal table and you able to password excel file. Check out this ABAP Code.

You must fill parameter PASSWORD with your password and give ‘1’ into parameter PASSWORD_OPTION. When […]

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Running Function Modules with Test Sequences using SE37

The Function Builder ( SE37 ) has an interface that allows you to test function module. Some function modules are required to run one after another, However you can’t run them one by one using classical test methods because some functions in sequence might depend on previous one. The main difference with using test sequences […]

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