How to using Parallel Cursor for ABAP Performance Tuning

In ABAP – we always LOOP to entire internal table, if you have big data within internal table this is could be performance problem. But we can use Parallel Cursor to increase your performance. Here is the code ABAP Parallel Cursor.

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How to analyze Memory Consumption of ABAP Programs

Memory problems could occur when you’re developing ABAP Programs, and you can investigate the memory consumption of the ABAP Program due to the poor performance. In SAP you can create memory snapshot then analyze and compare your ABAP Program memory consumption using Memory Inspector Tool. How to create memory snapshot for program running in foreground. […]

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How to validating your ABAP Code

Before you transport your ABAP Code into Production System you need to ensure that your ABAP Code is safe for various error threats. First you need to open your ABAP Program using transaction SE38, then open menu Program->Check->Code Inspector. In ABAP Code Inspector performs several types of checks – performance, syntax, user interface, robust programming, […]

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