This article will help consultants to develop the logic to consider movement type 103 for on time delivery score calculation at the time of Vendor Evaluation. SAP Standard system only considers movement Type 101 and 105 for the same.
It seems logical to consider the Movement type 103 as the actual goods receipt date for On time Delivery score calculation as with Mov Type 105 we only accept the material but the goods are actually considered to be received in the Plant premises when movement Type 103 is posted.

Score and Criteria

The Standard SAP System have feature for scoring range from 1 to 100 points, which is used to measure performance of your vendor, this measuring scoring on basis of five main criteria.

The main criteria are available in standard SAP System are :

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • General Service
  • External service Provision

Main Criterion Delivery

This criterion calculate the score automatic sub criterion “On-Time delivery performance”.


The system uses the statistics-relevant delivery date in the purchase order and the goods receipt date to calculate date variances.
You use the statistics-relevant delivery date, for example, if you know that the vendor will not deliver the material as scheduled on September 15 but on September 30. Enter the delivery date as September 30, but enter the statistics-relevant delivery date as September 15.
In calculating the score for on-time delivery performance, the system will then not use the actual delivery date, but the statistics-relevant delivery date. This has a negative effect on the score for this goods receipt.
However, materials planning and control uses the realistic delivery date (September 30) which the vendor will actually adhere to.

The system considers only goods receipts against purchase orders and scheduling agreements into stores and the release of GR blocked stock into stores. In the standard system, these are the movement types 101 and 105.

There is normally some day’s gap between the posting date of 103 documents and 105 documents. In some cases this can be more than the defined limit of three days. This delay is however, not the responsibility of the vendor.
If the Vendor evaluation scores for on time delivery is calculated, by considering the goods receipt date as the 105 posting date, Vendor score will be adversely hampered without any reason from vendor side.
We need to consider the posting date of Movement type 103 for the goods receipt date to calculate the justified score for Vendor evaluation.

Enhancement MM06L001
Enhancement MM06L001 is provided by SAP to overwrite the score calculated by the standard system.
This Enhancement comprises four function exits, which are invoked during the calculation of the scores for the sub criteria. The enhancement makes it possible to replace the standard scoring method by customers’ own methods.
Function modules
The function modules for enhancement MM06L001 are as follows:
• EXIT_SAPLMEL0_001 for the general criteria
• EXIT_RM06LBAT_001 for the quality criteria if the vendor evaluation is carried out in the background
• EXIT_SAPMM06L_001 for the quality criteria if the vendor evaluation is carried out online

Implemenation Guide ( IMG )

To allow enhancement score method to be used, you must put indicator for relevant subcriteria in IMG.


On sub criteria screen enter ‘X’ in column User Exit for sub criteria on-time delivery.


ABAP Code Logic in this Enhancement

This enhancement will be used to overwrite the score calculated SAP Standard, we will consider mov type 103 as on time delivery calculation, please use user exit : EXIT_SAPLMEL0_001 will be activated with changed into include: ZXM6LU04.

Create a ZTABLE copy from S013 info structure.


In this ZS013 add new field, add new field Material Documents ( MBLNR ), this field will store the last material document. ok let’s go to step.

Create Enhancement Project ( tcode CMOD ). and put enhancement MM06L001 ( Exits to determine ratings in vendor evaluation),


Use EXIT_SAPLMEL0_001 and put your ABAP Code to this. in ME61 tcode, Vendor and Purchase Org will be entered and based on below criteria it will trigger your custom logic only for on time delivery performance.

Full Source Code.

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