In this article we will learn how to copy some field from one structure or table to another structure or table while you changing or creating it.

Go to SE11 SAP Transaction code. Change ZTB_TEST table for example, you can change your table.


Open Fields tab, and Go to menu Edit->Transfer Fields.


The popup screen will appear, you need to enter the structure or table which you want to copy some field to your structure or table. For example we want to copy some field from table VBAK.


You can press Copy All button to copy all field from that structure or table but you can select just some fields by press Selection button. For sample we want to copy only some fields so you can press Selection button. The next popup screen you can select any fields you want to copy.


After you select fields then press Copy button then the message “Entry/Selected entries copied to the clipboard” will show. so you need put cursor where you want to copy the fields and click paste ( Right Click and choose Paste ).


And fields you’ve select before will copy to your structure or table, See picture below.


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