What is Analytic View

Analytic Views are the type of information view in SAP HANA, they are used to define both measures and relationship between their attributes. You can define the measures on the table that summarizes all values in the table. For example : If you have a Purchase order transaction table which contain amount sold. In SAP HANA you can define measures on that table to summarize the values. A limitation of the analytic view is that is defined only one fact table or transactional table.

How to create Analytic View in SAP HANA

In this article we will learn how to create analytic view. Here the step.

1.You must create attribute view before you can proceed to create analytic view, you can read How to create attribute views for tutorial of attribute view creation in SAP HANA.


Focus your cursor on your package for this example we use PP_HANA package and click your right button mouse to open context menus. Select menu New->Analytic View.

2.  You must input Name of Analytic View, Label or description, select View Type for Analytic View in the Pop-up screen of New information view then click Finish button. Note : You can tick Copy From select box If you want to create new analytic view copy from other analytic view.


3.The Modeler editor screen will show, in this screen you need to Add Object in Data Foundation, focus on Data Foundation and click + button, for this example we will use SNWD_SO_I. and you also need to Add Object into Star Join, for this sample we will use attribute view HANA_PRODUCT.


4. This step you must connect SNWD_SO_I as Fact Table to Attribute View HANA_PRODUCT. To create join you just drag Field from source field to target field, double click on node line to configure Join Type and Cardinality.

The default join type is Referential in SAP HANA you can change as per your requirement.


When you double-click line nodes the screen Edit Join will show.


5. Double click on any fields to be as Output Columns. In this example we make SO_ITEM_POS, CURRENCY_CODE, GROSS_AMOUNT and NET_AMOUNT  as Output Columns. After you’ve finished you can activate your analytic view.


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