What is Appropriation Request

Appropriation Request is the component of Investment Management ( IM ) to support the investment process in the phase concerned with planning and making decision about the investment to be implemented, it’s similar as purchase requisition.


Once the appropriation request has been approved and the information can be transferred to the order or project. You can create Appropriation Request via IMA1N tcode. In this article we will create Appropriation Request using BAPI_APPREQUEST_CREATE.

You need to declare required variable for this BAPI.

The next step you have to pass the required data to BAPI_APPREQUEST_CREATE as you create Appropriation request manual via IMA1N.

You need to pass required data in Organization Units tab likes Req Cost center and Resp Cost Center. Resp Company Code, Req Company Code etc. And fullfill all of required data for this BAPI.

Now check link below to get Full ABAP Souce Code Sub-routine to create Appropriation Request via BAPI_APPREQUEST_CREATE

Full Source Code

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