What is SAP HANA Attribute View

In SAP HANA, Attribute Views are used to model an entity based on the relationship among the attribute data contained in multiple tables. Attribute view can model columns, calculated columns, and hierarchies. Attribute views are reusable objects can also be shared between several analytic views or calculation views.

How to Create SAP HANA Attribute View

We will share article how to create attribute view. Here the step.

1.Open Your SAP HANA Studio and Create Your Package, For Example PP_HANA is the Package.


2.Right Click on your package ( PP_HANA ) and select New->Attribute View on the Context Menu.


3. The Information View screen will show, you need to entered Name of Attribute View and Select View Type as Attribute View and let Subtype value as default value and click Finish


4. On Data Foundation you need to add Source of Tables by focus on Data Foundation then the + Button will appear and click on it and the new screen for Find Object will show, you can enter MARA and MAKT and double click on it. For this example we will add 2 tables i.e : MARA and MAKT.

5. Join field MANDT from Left Table ( MARA ) To the Field MANDT from Right Table ( MAKT ) and then join field MATNR from Left Table ( MARA) to the field MATNR form Right Table ( MAKT ) .


6. Double click on connector MARA-MATNR and MAKT-MATNR and the screen of Edit Join will show, you need to choose Text Join in Join Type and select Language Column as SPRAS then click OK.

Text Join are used to join text table to a Master Data Table, in this example we want to get Material Description from MAKT Table.


7. You’ve known SPRAS ( Language ) in SAP almost add all of language in the world, so you need to Add Filter in SPRAS Column to filter only particular language ID. Right Click on SPRAS Field and Select Apply Filter.


8. In this step you need to choose the fields as Output Column, for this example double click on MANDT, MATNR and MAKTX to be Output Columns.


9. Don’t forget to choose which field as Primary Key on Output Column, You can click MANDT on Output Columns and scroll down on Properties and select True on Key Property. In this example you need to select MANDT and MATNR as Primary Key.


10. You can maintain Label and Label Column in Output via Semantic. Click on Semantics and setup likes on the picture.


11.The Last Step you need to Save and Activate. After Activate you can view your Attribute View Data via Data Preview.


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