What is Deep Structure in ABAP Dictionary

A deep structure is a structure that refers to at least one table type along with data elements, predefined types and structures.

You can create Deep Structure using SE11 SAP Transaction code. before you create deep structure as we mentioned before, the deep structure need at least one table type, so you need to create one table type. you can read the tutorial How to create Table Type in ABAP Dictionary, and creating deep structure is the same with nested structure.


And select structure on the next screen. the new screen will shown. in this screen you can entered the table type that you’ve created before as component type.


And the last step is activate your new structure, now you have one deep structure.

So if you want to more understand about SAP ABAP Basic with best practices and practical use case , I Highly recomended that you check out SAP ABAP Basic for Beginner Completed

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