An Introduction to Domain in ABAP Dictionary

A Domain is a central object which defines the technical attributes of a field such as data type, length, decimal places, conversion routine and value table.

The domain is assigned to the data element, so all the fields that use the data element have technical setting defined by the domain. this means the data element act as a connector between domain and fields. For example domain VBELN ( Sales Document of type CHAR with length 10 ) is assigned to data element such as VBELN_VA, VBELN_VF, VBELN_VL. If you change domain technical attribute then all the assigned data element to that domain also are changed.

Attributes of Domain in ABAP Dictionary


In this part we will discuss all of attributes of domain in detail.

1.Short Description

This is mandatory on the first step in creating the domain, this short text acts as explanatory text.

2.Data Type

You have to entered any of the existing data type for the data dictionary such as CHAR, CLNT, DATS.

3. Length/ No of characters

The number of characters defines the length that data type can be.

4.Decimal Places

You can specify the number of decimal places for data type curerency ( CURR ), decimal ( DEC ).



This attributes is required if data type contains a negative value. this attributes can be maintaned for data type currency ( CURR ) decimal ( DEC ).

How to create Domain ABAP Dictionary

1.Go to transaction code SE11 and enter the name of domain in Domain fields, then press button CREATE.


2. Enter Short Description as explanatory short text, then go to Definition Tab, in this tab enter data type for example CHAR and No of Character, you can enter decimal places if data type is Curr/Dec.

3.Go to Value range tab, enter the fixed values or intervals if the domain is restricted to having only fixed values.

4.Save and activate your new domain and enter the package name in which you are working and include this domain to any transport request.

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