In the SAP World function is often called function modules, you can create function module via SE37 or SE80 Transaction code. The name of function module must be unique throughout the SAP System, for each function module the programmers can create a separate documentation, ABAP Code, etc.

Function module can also very easily be released for remote call, and can thus be addressed from other SAP System. Function module are always grouped into function group.

Open SE37 SAP Transaction code, before you create function module, you have to create function group via menu Goto -> Function Group -> Create Group.


Entered the name of your function group and short text description then press SAVE button. After ZFG_TEST function group created then you can create function module.

You can create function modules in SE37 transaction code.


Entered you function module name and click CREATE button, the popup screen will show, you need entered the name of function group you’ve created then click SAVE.


The screen of function builder will show, you can go to Attributes tab if you want to change Function module processing type to Normal Function module, Remote Function module or Update Module , the default value of this parameter is Normal Function module.


Go to Import tab to place variable that are passed to function module from the calling program.


Column Optional checkbox is to make any importing parameter as optional and allowed to empty. for this sample we blank that column to setup all importing parameter is required and not allowed blank.

Go to Export tab and entered name of exporting parameter, this parameter passed data from the function module to the caller program.


Now click on Source code tab to write your ABAP Program for this function module.


After you finished write your ABAP Program then you need press Activate toolbar button. Run this Function module by press F8 ( Execute ).


The Result of function module will be displayed.

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