Configuring FPM Application you can follow these step.

1.Go to SE80 and select WEB DYNPRO/ INTF in the navigation area. in the naviagation area enter FPM_OVP_COMPONENT.


2.Right click on the component in the web dynpro application context menu and choose CREATE , enter application name , in this sample ZDEMO_FPM_VBAK and click OK. On the Create Web Dynpro Application screen enter the following field .

  • PLUG NAME : Default


Save your Web Dynpro Application, and next step you need to CREATE/CHANGE CONFIGURATION. Right click on your ABAP Web Dynpro.


3. Browser will be launched, in this screen you can specify new configuration based ID, enter the name of configuration ID and click New.


4.After you finished created the application configuration ID then you need to assign configuration ID to your application . to do that click Assign Configuration Name.


5. The Component configuration screen will displayed, in this screen you can specify what component that you want to create, in this example you need to choose Search Component from UIBB Dropdown


6.Enter the configuration ID for the GUIBB configuration that you want to create and then click CONFIGURE UIBB button to create the UIBB configuration to create new configuration.


In the Search UIBB Schema, click the SEARCH CRITERIA button, You will get pop-up all fields from VBAK Table, you can choose which field as criteria select for this example we will choose field VKBUR ( Sales Office )  and then you will get screen preview as above picture.

7.In this example you can configure table that show the result of the search, to configure the columns click the button Column of Result List. and select all fields from table VBAK.

8. Finally you have finished the FPM Web Dynpro ABAP Application, Now you can click Run this Web Dynpro application and the result as picture below.


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