Within selection screens, tabstrips may be displayed without the need of knowing or using the screen painter. This may be done using a few ABAP Statements. We will create a program that will contain a tabstrip containing two tabs.

1. Create two text symbols, 001 and 002.


2. Create 2 subscreen in selection screen.

First we define a selection screen 100 as subscreen. Within the subscreen we define a block that contains a listbox. These subscreen will be shown in the first tab and second tab of tabstrip that we will defined later step.

4.  Finally you can create the tabstrip ( tabbed block containing two tabs ) is defined. The two tabs are assigned to the subscreen 100 and 101 defined earlier.

5. For the two tabs. the system creates character field with the same names, that is tab1  and tab2. within the initialization event we can assigned text to those fields.

The result :


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