If you have table maintenance generator, you can create transaction code for your table maintenance generator. Let’s say we have ZTHSOS001 table.

After you create table maintenance generator via SE11 transaction code.


You can create entries or delete entries for that table now, but you can create transaction code to simplier job to maintain entries that table.

Here the step.

1. Go to SE93 Transaction code and input your tcode name.


Press Create button, the popup screen will show, you need to entered Short Text and select Transaction with Parameters ( Parameter Transaction ).


2. Maintain Parameter Transaction configuration.

In the new screen you need to entered Transaction SM30 and select Skip initial screen. don’t forget to select all GUI Support.


On Default Values you need to input VIEWNAME with Value is your table maintenance generator and add UPDATE with ‘X’ for value, and don’t forget to press button SAVE.


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