SAP ABAP Tutorial – If you are using Transaction SE80 as your ABAP IDE, select PROGRAM from the dropdown in the center of the left side of the screen, type “ZHELLOWORLD” in the textbox below it, and press ENTER.

You will be prompted with a popup asking if you want to create the program ZHELLOWORLD; click the YES button
A new popup that allows you to set the name of the program. Leave it as ZHELLOWORLO, and for this tutorial we will leave the CREATE WITH TOP INCLUDE box unchecked.


In the PROGRAM ATTRIBUTES popup, change the TITLE to “Hello World Program” and ensure the TYPE is EXECUTABLE PROGRAM.

You can leave the rest of the options set to their defaults and You should refer to your own company’s development standards when determining if the other attributes if your company does not require values to be entered in these attributes, we recommend avoiding them.


These following explanation for all field.

STATUSIndicates whether the program is a system, test, or
production program. We recommend leaving this
blank or selecting CUSTOMER PRODUCTION
APPLICATIONA SAP nnodule that is required for your program.
This selection does not affect your program; it's just
AuTHORIZATION GROUPAuthorization groups can be used to limit access to
your application to a specific group. However, this
is not the only way to restrict access to your
program, and you should follow the preferred
method for your company.
LOGICAL DATABASELogical databases are an obsolete way of accessing
a predefined view of the database.
SELECTION SCREENThis obsolete option lets you choose a selection
screen tied to a given logical database.
EDITOR LOCKThis option will prevent anyone besides the creator
from making changes to the program. We
recommend never turning this lock on; long after
your development is complete, someone else may
need to update or enhance your code, and this
restricts them from making changes.
UNICODE CHECKS ACTIVEThis option should always be turned on, even if you
have a non-Unicode system. This check will prevent
you from writing non-Unicode-compliant code that
won't run if you move to a Unicode-compliant
FIXED POINT ARITHMETICThis option should always be checked; otherwise,
you can lose data stored as fractions.
START USING VARIANTThis option should typically be unchecked. It
requires a variant (a prepopulated selection for
ru nning a report) for the program to be started.

Click the SAVE button to create the program. finally, select a package . Enter “$TMP” as the package or
click the LOCAL OBJECT button if you don’t want to transport your program to QA or PROD later, and click the SAVE button.


Double click on your program name to open it, and click EDIT to begin making changes. and now you can write your first ABAP Program.

Next, you need to activate the program. When editing any ABAP programs code, the program will be inactive until you activate it, meaning that the most recently activated version will be run until you activate a new one.

Now, run the program by pressing 1m or by clicking the RuN PROGRAM to Executing an ABAP PROGRAM button in your IDE and you will see the result as shown in following screen.


Now that you’re familiar with how to create your first program, next article of SAP ABAP Tutorial  for beginner we will learn about Data Types in ABAP.


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