When sales order is created, the user can enter a profit center, and then the profit center is passed from sales order to the delivery note, goods issue, and finally the billing document.

To ensure the profit center is defaulted into the sales order , enter the profit center into the material master. and every creating sales order for material, the default profit center for the relevant sales organization and distribution channel is entered. You can set up the profit center in the material master via tcode MM02.


Enter the material number and select SALES ORGANIZATION DATA 1 screen on select view, and enter the plant, sales organization and distribution channel .

Here you can add status to DISTRIBUTION-CHAIN-SPECIFIC-MATERIAL so that sales order are blocked from being created for the specific distribution channel.


If you want to make the status the same across all distribution channel, enter the value in the X-DISTR-CHAIN STATUS, this will stop sales order from being created for any distribution channel in the specific sales organization.

After you’ve saved the material with the new status won’t process and will return a message Sales Not Allowed.

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