We can use MEQUERY1 Enhancement,, you can create your own selection variants for the document overview and include them in the selection menu for the selection variants. You can also use these selection variants to execute your own previously generated queries and provide existing standard selections with your own variants. Lastly, you can assign your own display variants to each selection variant.

Removing particular selection variant under authorization object

However not every user require all selection variant in document overview, for example a user who only process purchase requisition but doesn’t have any authorization for purchase order, so you need to exclude that selection variant for particular user.

SAP System will call user exit MEQUERY1 / EXIT_SAPLMEQUERY_001 whenever the selection variant in document overview is called. This user exit only has one internal table META_TABLE as parameter, this parameter have 2 field CLASSID and LABEL. The first field is reference to selection variant in document overview.

PO_QUERYPurchase Orders
SCH_QUERYSchedulling Agreement
PURDOCS_QUERYGeneral Purchasing Doc
REQ_QUERYPurchase Req
POS_BY_USER_QUERYMy Purchase Order

You can implement authorization to display only several selection variant in document overview using user exit MEREQ01.  and delete any selection screen variant in META_TABLE which not in your authorization.

Check this ABAP Code.

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