This enhancement used to control the GR/IR account ( clearing account between goods receipt and invoice receipt, You’ve known the GR/IR clearing account is posted to purchase order upon goods receipt and is again credited at a later point when posting the incoming invoice.

You may want to use different GR/IR account due to specific dependencies, for example you want to manage custom GR/IR account for each o your purchasing organization to created differentiated evaluations. You can do this with the enhancement LMR1M002.

First you have  to configure Account determination via SPRO . Material Management -> Valuation and Account Assignment -> Account Determination -> Account Determination Without Wizard . and select Specify Account Determination ( MM ). Scroll until you find transaction WRX  then double click on it.


click on button toolbar Rules, and select General Modification and save this change.


The purchase number ( I_WRXMOD-EBELN ) and the purchase order item ( I_WRXMOD-EBELP ) are transferred to the user exit EXIT_SAPLKONT_011 you can use those parameter to read purchase order data, then you can determine the account depending purchase order data and then transfer to the output parameter E_KONTO_MODIF.

1.Go to tcode CMOD then create the project for example ZMR1M002.

2.Assign the enhancement LMR1M002.

3.Switch to the components and navigate to the user exit EXIT_SAPLKONT_011.

This is Sample ABAP Code for this user exit.

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