I would like to share my experience for implementing user exit on SAP Vendor Master ( XK01 ), it called after saving, maybe you receive the same requirement to implement enhancement after saving vendor on XK01 tcode, before continue this article, i assume you are familiar with BaDI or any enhancement method in SAP System.

Enhancement XK01 it able to be handled by BaDI or any User Exit, but as i know, those enhancement still run before new vendor number generated. therefore if you had any requirement to implement ABAP code exit that need new vendor number generated, you will never get that new vendor number.

Enhancement XK01 call after saving and new vendor number is generated located on  BTE Enhancement With Event Number 00001421.

How to use BTE 00001421

You need to call FIBF Tcode to call SAP Business Framework.


Go to Menu -> Settings -> Product -> of a customer, you need to create customer products, you will redirect to table maintenance  and input your new customer products data don’t forget to tick A ( Active ) then save it.


After you’ve finished create customer product before you create P/S BTE you need to copy BTE sample function module 1421 to your Z Function Module, Go to SE37 then you need to create one function group first and copy SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001421 to your own Z Function Module within your Z Function Group you’ve created earlier.

Back again to FIBF tcode, go to Settings -> P/S Modules -> of Customer, then you will redirect to new screen.


You need input your P/S BTE Data .


Select Event 1421 , input your customer product you’ve create earlier , and input your Z Function module then save it.

At last you only put your ABAP Logic into your own Z Function Module.

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