This BAdI LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC for transaction VL01N and you can implemented this badi for checking delivery data before saving. You can create implementation using transaction code SE18. For checking delivery data before saving, you can use method DELIVERY_FINAL_CHECK. Please check this ABAP Code.

You can add message error or warning by populate internal table CT_FINCHDEL . […]

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Redetermine Pricing Procedure in VF01 Automatically

If you meet a business case that you need to redetermine pricing procedure during create billing document in SAP via tcode VF01. You need to create some enhancement in RV60AFZZ on subroutine USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMK and create enhancement implementation in include LV60ATOP to add one global variable that you need to prevent infinite looping. Here the source code. USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMK


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SAP Validation and Substitution in SAP Accounting Documents

In this article we will discuss about Validation and Substitution in SAP Accounting Documents, Perhaps you are wondering why we discuss validation and substitution in SAP Financial ( SAP FI ) the answer is that numerous MM Documents have an FI document as a follow-on. With SAP validation and substitution, you have two very similar […]

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