SAP ABAP Tutorial – Floorplan Manager ( FPM ) is a configurable user interface ( UI ) framework provided by SAP for easy ABAP Web Dynpro development. FPM Provides predefined elements such as floorplans, toolbars and user interface component so you can reduce the time required to develop ABAP Web dynpro application.


SAP Floorplans Manager framework provides the following components.


SAP FPM provides predefined floorplans, These floorplans allow users to perform various activities needed from UI including navigating, entering data, searching data, and many more. ABAP Developers can use these floorplans and configure them to suit their requirements.

SAP Provides four Floorplans.

  • a.Floorplan for overview page ( OVP )

The overview page floorplan ( OVP )

  • b.Floorplan for Object Instances (OIF ).
  • c.Floorplan for Guided Activity ( GAF ).
  • d.Floorplan for Quick Activity ( QAF ).



Generic UI Building Block ( GUIBB ) are SAP Provided template for displaying content. ABAP Developer can make use of these templates in their application by customizing. For Example List UIBB are one of GUIBB provided by SAP.

There are two UIBB ( User Interface Building Block )

a.Freestyle UIBB.

Freestyle UIBB is Web Dynpro components by transaction SE80 outside of the FPM framework by implementing the FPM Interface.

b.Generic UIBB.

GUIBB is UIBB provided by the FPM Framework, for example form UIBB or List UIBB for creating layout of form or table.

3.FLUID ( Flexible User Interface Designer )

FLUID is the SAP provided FPM Configuration editor that lets you configure your FPM Application and the GUIBB.

Next article i would show you how to develop ABAP Web Dynpro Application Using OVP FPM.

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