How to get data output from another ALV Report or SAP Standard Report and save into internal table our Z Program is common case on SAP Project, i know nobody wants to change another SAP Standard report just accomodate this requirement, this questions is frequently asked for ABAP Consultant.

There are number of ways to achieve this requirement, for example use EXPORT TO MEMORY and IMPORT FROM MEMORY, but you must implementing this command in particular SAP Standard report enhancement, But this is sometimes could be a risk.

Finally, i’ll show you a best solution , this solutions doesn’t need to modified or implement an enhancement, all you need is used CL_SALV_BS_RUNTIME_INFO

For example case, we need to get data from report IW47 transaction code.

Step 1. Implement SUBMIT <..Program . > and passing all parameter or select-options and SET CL_SALV_BS_RUNTIME_INFO setting.

And then SUBMIT parameter to other SAP Report

Step 2. Use CL_SALV_BS_RUNTIME_INFO and use method GET_DATA_REF

Step 3. IW47 output report data were saved into <LT_DATA> and you can process this internal table data for your requirement.

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