I assume you already familiar with SALV, SAP has create innovation in the area of SALV and has come out with the concept of SALV with IDA where IDA is stands for integrated data access. The new class CL_SALV_GUI_TABLE_IDA has been created for the purpose of dealing with large internal table ( more than 100.000 rows data ) . The traditional ALV will get into trouble such as run out of memory and paging down delay.

When you create ABAP Program with traditional ALV you need to fill up an internal table with SELECT statement and then pass that internal table to SALV. But with SALV IDA you skip coding the data retrieval and instead tell SALV what table you want and what selection parameter you want. Please check out this ABAP Code, we use ABAP 7.4 so you can see new ABAP Code style.

This sample ABAP Code is to display data from table VBAK with filtering Sales Doc Type based on select options SO_AUART.


So if you want to more understand in ABAP, I Highly recomended that you check out SAP ABAP Tutorial

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