Some storage location may require additional security for reason on important or high-value goods that is stored in your storage location. You may want to restrict the visibility of those goods to inventory supervisor only, so based on user authorization they may not be allowed to perform a goods receipt into specific storage location.

To restrict user from having visibility to certain storage locations you can use the following SAP Menu path.

IMG->Materials Management->Inventory Management and Physical Inventory->Authorization Management->Authorization Check For Storage Locations

This transaction allows you to add additional authorization for any Storage Location on paticular Plant. On the initial screen you just checked on which plant you need to implement additional authorization checking.


Once you have finished set up the configuration, the SAP System will looks at the authorization object M_MSEG_LGO for each user to determined if they have authorization to perform certain process to this storage location.

Your security team can use this authorization object to allow or disallow goods movement to or from this storage location.


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