You can add additional fields in FBL1N/FBL3N/FBL5N SAP Transaction code. All FBLxN will share additional fields. We will explain step by step for adding additional fields in FBLxN .

1. Enhancing Structure of RFPOS and RFPOSX using Append Structure.

You need to create append structure to enhance RFPOS structure. Add your field into append structure.


2. Run RFPOSXEXTEND program to populate RFPOSEXT Structure.

3. Create BTE on event 00001650.

Go to FIBF and Add Customer Produt for your BTE Event for example we named it ZDMTBTE2.


Using FIBF SAP Transaction Code to open SAP Business Framework : Business Transaction Events, and Go to Menu Settings->P/S Modules->..of a customer.


Copy function module SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001650 to your Z namespace customer Function module, and entered your function module to BTE Event 1650, for this sample : ZSAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001650.


After you’ve finished maintain BTE configuration. you need to type your ABAP Code into Z function module BTE 1650 via SE37 SAP Tcode.


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