The easy job for ABAPER to create maintenance view from any table, because SAP has been provided us with simple process. on this article i want to share how to add your custom button on your maintenance view. so you can implemented your own code to these custom button. To create custom button you need to do several following step.

  1. Create Table Maintenance

You can create table maintenance via SE11 transaction code, go to menu Utilities -> Table Maintenance Generator, see following picture.


The new screen will shown, you need to entered required information on this screen, such as Authorization Group, Function Group and Maintenance Screen No.


After you’ve completed entered all of required information, click button Create or press F6 to generate table maintenance.

2. Copy user interface SAPLSVIM to your table maintenance function group.

Go to SE41 transaction code and entered SAPLSVIM in Program field then press Copy User Interface button on toolbar, this process will copy all of user interface of SAPLSVIM program into your Function Group program.


Note : If you don’t know what is your name of function group program you just go to SE80 and select your function group then double click on the name of your function group, the new pop up screen will displayed, now click Master Program button.


And new screen will appear on right panel of ABAP Workbench, and you will see your program of your function group, you can see following picture.


3. Add your button on user interface on your function group

Go to your function group via SE80 transaction code and open GUI Status node, we need to add custom button on EULG GUI-Status.


I will create custom button MBUT with Information text My Button. after you’ve completed, don’t forget to Activate your changed.

4. Use ST Event in your Table Maintenance

Back to your maintenance view generator via SE11 transaction code, and go to Menu Environment->Modification->Events.


Add ST Event and entered your function group program on FORM Routine column.


5. Add PAI Module on your function group program.

Back to SE80 and open your function group again, double click your function group screen and create new module on PAI section.


For sample i will create MY_BUTTON PAI module. double click on your module and write this ABAP Code.

Activate your function group, and open your table maintenance, you can open it via SM30 Transaction code. and you will see your custom button you’ve created.



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