As you know you can directly assign a role to a user by using transaction SU01, PFCG or SU10 this activity is big effort if you have many users. but to make simple you can use the organization structure in the SAP HCM component to assign a job role at the position level the all user assigned to this position will inherit all authorizations and this method will improve the exchange of authorization data requirements and the governance awareness between the basis/security department and business departement.

You can create an organization structure in transaction PPOC, the business departement can more easily understand an organization structure rather than view of many user role and authorization matters.

First you need to create the root COMPANY TEST in PPOC transaction code.

assign-role-through-sap organization-structure

After you’ve created COMPANY TEST Organizational Unit then you can use PPOMW SAP Transaction to assign roles and users at the position level.

assign-role-through-sap organization-structure-2

When you assign a user to a position, the user doesn’t immediately receive the authorization, you need to perform user master data reconciliation using PFUD Transaction code, this transaction code checks whether a user should receive a role because it has been assigned at the position level. Answer Yes, and then you can assign the role and the authorization profile using SU01 transaction in the ROLES tab. You can use the organizational role assignment in that transaction.

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