You may run into a scenario where your customer bankruptcy or you have to suspend all business activity due to political instability. This could be temporary measure that may have to be reversed at later time. In this situation you need to apply block status to a customer master for just one of the specific sales organizations without disrupting business activities in others.

To suspend or reactivate business with a customer for specific sales organization you can maintain customer block. After you block customer account this is applied to block sales orders, deliveries, billing and sales support activities, but not the account receivable transaction in order you to collect payments.

You can maintain block for a customer account in SAP you can run transaction VD05 or follow menu path below.

Logistics-> Sales and Distribution -> Master Data -> Business Partner -> Customer -> Block

On the initial screen you need to specify customer account number and use the SALES AREAS BY CUSTOMER, this menu is located on toolbar to choose specific sales organization for which you want to maintain blocks.


Once you select Sales Area then the new screen will be displayed, in this screen you can maintain blocking reason for each sales activity.


On this screen you can restrict future order on this customer , on the section Order Block you need to maintain every sales area or specific sales area. And you can restrict customer ability to delivery, billing and sales support in this screen.

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