As SAP user, you can set a material as OBSOLETE in the X-PLANT MATL status from the BASIC DATA view of the material master, but they will find that sales order still allowed these OBSOLETE materials entered, When this take a place it causes frustation for the users and impact to the work progress going slow down.

Users may try to flag deletion these material but that doesn’t help either, We’ll show you how to excluded obsolete material from being included in sales order creation.

To exclude obsolete material in sales order you can go to MM02 Transaction, or follow this path.

Logistics -> Material Management -> Material Master -> Material -> Change -> Immediately

Enter material number, select Sales: Sales Org Data 1 and enter the values for sales area you want to change, Through DChain-Spec status field you can block obsolete material, you can choose DChain-spec value from F4


Now when user entered that’s material in sales order, the user will receive an error message, indicating that material can’t be sold, this will force the user to remove that’s material from sales order item.

If you see F4 Help value on DChain Spec Status , all of them is standard SAP Values, if you want to create your own status, you can go to following path

Logistics -> General -> Material Master -> Settings for Key Fields -> Data Relevant to Sales and Distribution -> Define Sales Statuses

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