To help user quickly find the information most important to them, you can customize purchase order list to show important field based on user.

When you are viewing list of purchasing document, the transaction are configured with specific scope of list. This determines which values are displayed and how they are displayed. Because sometimes the fields are irrelevant to some users. You can customize new scope list for some group of users so they can see important information to them.

To make change to the purchasing lists, follow this configuration menu path.

IMG->Materials Management-> Purchasing->Reporting->Maintain Purchasing Lists->Scope of List->Define scope of List

You need to create new scope of list such as line total quantity and total value and etc.


You can double click to entered detail configuration of scope of list.


When you’ve completed your configuration of scope of list, the next job is you need to assign your scope of list to purchasing list transaction, to make change of purchasing list, you can go the following path.

IMG->Materials Management->Purchasing->Reporting->Maintain Purchasing Lists->Scope of List->Define Default Values for transaction.

Picture shown below is the screen where you can change the default scope of list for a variety of transaction.


To test your new configuration use the transaction ME2N or this SAP Menu path.

SAP->Logistics->Material Management->Purchasing->Purchase Order->List Display->By PO Number



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