Sometimes you need to compare ABAP Programs between two different systems to find a problem that might occur due to different patch level or to find an old request that was transported by mistake, we’ll show you how to use the remote comparison in Version Management tool.

When you’re editing an ABAP Program you can view the version management tool by following menu path.

Utilities-> Versions -> Version Management.


To start Remote Comparison Tool ,click REMOTE COMPARISON on the toolbar, you’ll see two options to define a remote SAP System, If the SAP System you want to compare is configured in the transport management system, you can select the SAP System directly, Otherwise you have to create a RFC Destination for remote system.


When you click REMOTE COMPARISON, version of the same ABAP Program in remote system are displayed.

The compare programs screen opens as shown in picture above, and displays two versions at the same time with highlighted differences.

comparing two source code abap in two systems

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