In normal operations a purchase order is created and then a goods receipt takes place against PO, However the purchase order can’t be created prior to the goods arriving at the plant. This can occur when a raw material is being received and the quantity can be determined until it’s delivered.

I will show you how to generate purchase order on a goods receipt, this activity is needed so that your warehouse can perform a goods receipt when the material arrives without a purchase order from vendor.

You need to setting up the configuration to generate a purchase order on a goods receipt requires via SAP transaction OMB3, or you can use the following path.

IMG-> Materials Management-> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory-> Goods Receipt-> Create Purchase Order Automatically

This configuration is simple, you just check the AUTOMATIC PO that allows the automatic generation of purchase orders during goods receipt against movement that you want to use generates an automatic purchase order.


In this example , we need to generate purchase order for 162 movement type. after you’ve completed configuration the next step is make sure info record is set up for the vendor and the material to be delivered, to create info record use ME11 SAP transaction code.

Ensure the info record os for the correct vendor, material, purchasing organization and the plant, after you’ve entered the purchase info record. Perform goods receipt that will generate purchase order, to do goods receipt use MIGO SAP Transaction.


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