When you migrated SAP Netweaver BW System to SAP HANA database, All infocubes are not automatically converted to SAP HANA optimized infocubes.

The conversion of standard infocubes to SAP HANA optmized infocubes ensures that the cubes are set up most efficiently for SAP HANA in memory optimizer. If you are using SAP HANA database it’s highly recommended to convert the existing infocubes to SAP HANA Optimized Infocubes to get the best performance and power of SAP HANA.

  1. Login to your SAP Netweaver BW System.
  2. Run RSMIGRHANADB SAP Transaction.
  3. In the initial screen you need to entered your name of infocube and click Execute button.


After the conversion is done, the infocube dimension table are removed and the master data tables are now directly linked with the F-fact Table.

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