You need to create cost elements after you have created a general ledger profit and loss account, if your company creates cost elements manually, you may forget to create cost element therefore it’s easier to set up the process automatically.

You need to set up the range of cost elements number before you create cost element automatically along with their corresponding cost element categories. You can use OKB2 SAP Transaction or follow SAP Menu path.

Controlling->Cost Element Accounting->Master Data->Cost Elements->Automatic Creation of Primary and Secondary Cost Elements->Make Default Settings

Enter the chart of accounts and press Enter, the new screen will shown and you can assign cost element in this screen.


You can enter ranges of cost element or individual cost elements in each row. the cost element category determines for which business transaction the cost element can be used.

After you finished set up the ranges of cost element, the next is you need to enable the SAP System to create the cost element once the general ledger account is created, to do this, follow the configuration menu path.

Financial Accounting(New)->General Ledger Accounting(New)->Master Data->G/L Accounts->Preparations-> Edit Chart of Account List

Double click on the relevant chart of account and change the Controlling Integration into Automatic Creation of Cost Elements.


The next time a general ledger account is within the relevant number range is created and saved, the corresponding cost element master data will created too.

If you already create G/L Account and you need to update the cost element that you set up in OKB2 SAP Transaction,you need to create batch input session using transaction code OKB3. You run batch session using SM35 Transaction code and you can run the session in the either background or foreground.

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