You can create factory calendar to assign the working days and holiday for particular company or plant, it’s important to realize that every plant or company may have not the same working days or holidays and the goods receipts of material and production of finished goods use the factory calendar to determine which days are working days and not holidays because its location is closed.

To create factory calendar that has all the relevant holidays and workdays you can use SCAL SAP Transaction code.


On the initial screen you can read the message, the SAP Calendar factory is not client specific, so you need to know the holidays and working days on each of region or country. In this initial screen you can create Public holidays, Holiday Calendar and Factory Calendar.


Assign the new holiday calendar to a new or existing SAP Factory Calendar, which you select from the initial screen of SCAL. If the plant or company works on weekends or public holidays, enter the information along with the holiday calendar into the factory calendar.


After you assign Holiday Calendar for this example We have assigned Holiday Calendar ID, and you have finished Workday selection. the final job is you need to assign your factory calendar to plant. Use the following menu path

IMG->Enterprise Structure->Definition->Logistics->General->Define,Copy, Delete, Check Plant


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