Sometime you have a part or service that will be purchased only once, and to reduce your effort you need to create one time vendor. Normally when vendors are used for purchases, their must entered full details of informations such as address, payment methods, bank details and etc. Those data entry required some effort to collect, but if a vendor is used rarely or even only once you need to create one-time vendor.

A company may want to use one-time vendor when material is needed in an emergency and normal vendor can’t supply it.

To make one-time vendor, it’s same with you create normal vendor, you can use MK01 transaction code or just follow the SAP menu path.

SAP->Logistics->Material Management->Purchasing->Master Data->Vendor->Purchasing->Create

This transaction allows you create one-time vendor, the difference with normal vendor is only account group, in this case you need to entered one time vendor account group.


Then you need to entered all information about this One-time vendor, but otherwise you can complete the transaction. you should see message similar to picture below.


Next you can create purchase order for one-time vendor using transaction ME21N, in this trasanction you need to enter purchasing organization, purchasing group, material, quantity and price and don’t forget please entered one-time vendor address or you will get error message.

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