What is Pooled Tables

A pooled tables has many to one relationship with database table. There are many tables in the data dictionary for one table in the database. Unlike a transparent table, a pooled table has different name, different number of fields, and different name of fields in the database. The data from several different pooled tables are stored together in the table pools in the database.

Table pools are used for storing internal control information such as screen sequences, program parameters, temporary data and documentation. Table pools are used to hold large number of the very small tables. A tables pool stores 10 to 10000 pooled tables of 10 to 100 rows each. Table pools purpose to reduce the amount of database resources needed when many small tables have to be open at the same time and it generally used to store customizing data.

In this article, i want to explain how to create table pool first then we will create pooled tables. to create table pool we use SE11 SAP Transaction code. Go to Menu Utilities-> Others Dictionary Objects.


Entered the name of table pool and click CREATE button. and the new screen will shown.


You will see Table pool already have default fields. we will explain one by one field on this table pool.

  1. TABNAME  : Name of pooled table
  2. VARKEY      : Contains entries from all key fields of pooled table record as string.
  3. DATALN      : Length of the string in VARDATA field.
  4. VARDATA   : Contain the entries from all data fields of the pooled table record as a string.

Go to Menu Goto->Technical Setting to entered Size Category.


After you’ve finished create table pool, the next step you need to create pooled table, go to SE11 SAP Transaction code and create one Z Table.


Create ZPOL1 Table and Maintain Delivery and Maintenance attributes.


Add pooled table fields and Maintain Technical Settings attributes.


After you’ve finished maintain Technical Setting and Fields then you need to Change table category using menu Extras->Change/Display Table Type.


After you choose Pooled Table then OK, then go to Delivery and Maintenance tab. you need to entered table pool that you’ve create before.


Then you must Activate. Ok now you have table pool and pooled table.

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