Lack of quality test data in development environment of the source systems is a persisten problem in the most SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse ( SAP BW ). Even if some data is available in the source system, but this limitation testing data could produce the limited testing and its problem could increase the recycling of changes from development to acceptance systems.

I will try to give you trick to generate testing transaction data using master data or to create data even without existing master data and using this method you can generate as many records as needed and also edit the testing data further.

This method enable developer to perform quality testing in the development environment without implementing the ETL process.

To create testing transaction data you can use SE38 to call ABAP Program Editor and Run program CUBE_SAMPLE_CREATE Run. In the screen you need to enter the name of infocube and the number of records you want to generating.


Select the mode of sample data creation, and press execute directly or foreground or through background process, the three modes available for data creation are as follows :


With this mode you can generate testing transaction data without referencing any master data, this mode will generate dummy values for master data and also the transaction data. choose this option if you don’t have any master data available in SAP BW System.

VALS From Master Data Table

This method will generate transaction data using values of your master data, the system will automatically use the master data tables of the InfoObject included in InfoCube.



This method is to generate data using data entry directly in the screen via ALV Grid.

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