What is Index. 

The Index is copy of database having few number of fields, this copy is always in sorted form. as you know the sorted data would always have speed read access, and the index also contain pointer to actual database table.

There are two types of indexes in SAP i.e Primary Index and Secondary Index. Primary index automatically created using primary keys and secondary index could be created by user as per user requirement.

To create secondary index you can use SE11 Transaction code in your SAP System, and open your table that you want to create secondary index. For example we will to create secondary index in BSAD table.

Click INDEXES toolbar button, and the new popup screen will show.


Click icon Create. and choose Create Index. the new popup screen will show, in this screen you need to entered your Index Name, this index name only 3 characters.


In the new screen you need to entered what fields in your secondary index, don’t forget to including MANDT field to make index performance good.

how-to-create-secondary-index-abap-3and select Non Unique Index and select Index on All Database Systems. and if you’ve finished entered those fields then Activate your secondary index.

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