What is Text Table

A text table a special table that contains text in multilingual format, text table also contain the language field ( SPRAS ) as a key field. A table is said to be the text table of another table if it contains all the key fields along with the additional language key field.

For example, Table T2 is a text table of table T1 if table T2 contains the same key fields that are contained by table T1 and an additional language key field. Text table T2 can also contain explanatory text in several languages for each key fields of table T1.


This article teach you how to create SAP text table and assign to main table, text table have purposed to translated any description into several languages.

  1. You need to create main table via SE11 transaction.


Go to Delivery and maintenance and there are two settings are important to allow the data to be maintained in this table, the customizing delivery class setting will classify this data as customizing and set maintenance allowed on the part of Data browser/Table view maintenance. and activate it.


  1. Create Text table via SE11 transaction.

Create text table via SE11 transaction code, you need including 3 Main key, first is MANDT, and the rest of the keys are language key ( SPRAS ) and then the key from main table for this example is MAJOR. Don’t forget with description field such as MAJOR_DESC .


  1. Create relationship between main table and text table

You need to create the relationship between his main table and this text table by creating a foreign key relationship for MAJOR field of ZCS2_MAJOR_T. Press button with key icon on the left side Srch Help button to create foreign key relationship.

Position your cursor on MANDT field and click button foreign key relationship, the popup dialog confirmation appeared, and just press Yes, and the new screen will displayed.


Just press check button, then continue to SPRAS field and the last is MAJOR field to create relationship to main table.


You can see, SAP System automatically get all table which have this field as key. Entered the value of Cardinality 1:N and then press check button and activate your text table to finish it and the next step you need to create Maintenance View so you can input your data.



And the last step you need to create Table Maintenance Generator via Menu Utilities -> Table Maitenance Generator so you can input your data to this table.

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