Vendor can be local to a single purchasing organization or be used across the enterprise. The request to deactivate vendor maybe  due to local determination. Depending on local and national company policies, you may need to deactivate a vendor locally at a purchasing organization.

To deactivate a vendor so that can be used you can use XK06 SAP Transaction code. Enter vendor number, the company code and purchasing organization.


The detail screen will appear after you pressed ENTER, in this screen you can select whether you want to deactivate the vendor for the specific company or purchasing organization or the entire company.


If you want to deactivate the vendor for all company code and purchasing organization select ALL AREAS. and if you want to deactivate specific company code or purchasing organization you can select the other options.

The deletion block allow you to control SAP Sytem to delete General Data or selected company code data, if you want to delete the general data that has been entered for the vendor, select the deletion block – General Data.

After you’ve selected the options you can save the transaction.

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