Several fields in vendor and customer master such as bank account details, tax identification number need to be monitored to ensure that any changes made of them have been approved. If these fields are freely modifiable without the necessary approval and this is could be lead to issues of fraud or payments error.

If you activate this feature, and any people change those sensitive fields the SAP System will block all payment processing until an authorized person approves and release them.

To define field in vendor and customer master you can follow this configuration menu path.

Financial Accounting->Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable->Customer Accounts->Master Data->Preparations for Creating Customer Master Data->Define Sensitive Fields for Dual Control(Customers)

Click New Entries and then select the field name from drop down that you want to make sensistive, for example we mark Bank Key and Bank Account field as sensitive field, you can see following picture.


After you set up some fields as sensitive and you want to change one of the fields that have been made sensitive, the system display the message “Change general data must be confirmed”. You are still allowed to save your changes. However if anyone tries to change or display before confirmation of the sensitive fields the SAP System will give message saying that change has not been confirmed, and the customer/vendor will be blocked for payment until the change is confirmed by an authorized person.

The customer/vendor block for payment will be put in an exception list, you can go to S_ALR87012090 for vendor and S_ALR_87012183 for customers to view vendor/customer unconfirmed.

You can confirm the change for single vendor you can use FK08 transaction , and for multiple vendor you can use FK09 SAP Transaction.


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